Neither does The New York Post’s Neil Travis, who reports (with some trepidation, given the plethora of Beatles-reunion rumors since the band’s 1970 split) the Fab Four minus one may indeed take to that long and winding road for a reunion tour next spring.

Travis’ “very best sources” said the surviving bandmates are of a mind to “write a closing chapter” to The Beatles’ saga and, of course, sell a few extra books.

Undecided, Travis said, is whether any reunion would take place as a single pay-per-view event or as a series of concerts in the world’s major venues.

The late John Lennon was once famously quoted as saying The Beatles were “bigger than Jesus.” And decades-long rumors of a Beatles return to the stage could raise a level of anticipation possibly overshadowed only by the Second Coming.

One especially interesting scenario has Lennon being digitally resurrected onstage in much the same manner that Elvis has returned from the grave for a series of live concert appearances – – on film, of course.

Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, not surprisingly is said to favor the idea of having son Sean fill in for Dad even though stepson Julian Lennon would probably be a much better fit. As with the book deal, Ono would receive a 25 percent cut of any reunion profits, said Travis, who guesstimates a potential gross of $1 billion.