LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson‘s civil suit alleges that manager Mathew Knowles “made money from the girls’ work while the girls themselves made virtually no money,” according to the Los Angeles Times. The lawsuit followed their dismissal from the group in February, for which they claim no official reason was given.

The legal action, filed in Harris County in Texas March 15th, alleges the two women were replaced without warning after they sought to break their contract with Knowles, who owns the group’s name as a Texas corporation, the paper said.

Knowles is the father of founding member Beyonce Knowles and guardian of remaining longtime singer Kelly Rowland. He is reportedly portrayed in the suit as a dictator over the band who attempted to gain guardianship of Luckett and Roberson. After the two turned 18 and sought new management, Knowles allegedly dismissed them from the group.

The former members also reportedly allege the manager kept financial information secret from the group and charged unusually high fees.

“The allegations are totally untrue,” Mathew Knowles told the Times. “We are both prepared and ready to go to court to prove that.”

New singers Farrah Franklin and Michelle Williams, and the remaining original members are also named in the suit.