Tickets for the tour, which kicks off May 21 at Houston’s Compaq Center, go on sale April 25. The tour makes stops at mostly sheds but also visits arenas and some theatres before winding down July 23 in Portland, Ore.

The album, Inside Job, is slated to hit stores May 23. It is Henley’s first solo release since the Grammy-winning and multiplatinum The End Of The Innocence 11 years ago.

Henley said he joined the other Eagles members in a recording studio about a year ago and cut some songs, mostly covers, “None of which, in my opinion, are good enough to use on a record at this point,” Henley told the Sun.

Since then, he said, the group actually started working on some original material.

“I think there are maybe half-a-dozen things in various stages of completion and whether they’ll meet our individual standards when they get completed, I can’t tell you.

“So the Eagles thing, as always, is up in the air and remains to be seen.”

It’s almost expected that talk of another Eagles reunion should arise as Henley is warming up for a long-awaited album and tour. Also likely fueling rumors are album guest appearances by Eagles Glenn Frey and Don Felder, in addition to Stevie Wonder and Randy Newman.

The Eagles reunited in 1994 for the successful Hell Freezes Over tour, and played a handful of turn-of-the-millennium dates. The band recorded its last studio album, The Long Run, in 1979.