KISS apologized, sort of, in a letter to the editor of The Greenville News on Thursday for calling Greenville, S.C. “Greenfield” at a Bi-Lo Center show April 21.

The newspaper published the letter, which opens: “To our friends in GREENVILLE.”

“We want to apologize to our fans in Greenville for a mistake made by a video technician who erroneously referred to your city as “Greenfield” at the end of our show Saturday night.” The letter was signed, “Gene, Paul, Peter & Ace.”

Though the letter made no mention of which band member actually read the erroneous city name, apparently from a TelePrompTer, the band’s tour manager was quick to point his finger at a lesser mortal.

“Some lamebrain video technician made a stupid mistake. They [the band] had been talking to Greenville all night. They knew where they were.”

They just didn’t know what they were reading.Beth Padgett, the newspaper’s editorial page editor, said she received dozens of calls from curious readers, disc jockeys and even newspaper employees who wanted to see the letter.

“I thought it was a hoot, so we ran it,” Padgett said.