According to campus newspaper The Diamondback, about 30 students called for the cancellation of the concert, claiming the band’s lyrics are offensive and racist.

Apparently, the obscure Bloodhound Gang track “Yellow Fever,” which was released on a rare 7-inch, is responsible for the controversy. The song features lyrics the students called derogatory to Asians, like, ” She’s an oriental rug ‘cause I lay her where I please.”

Some protesters defended the band’s First Amendment right to free speech, but were upset that student fees were being spent on the concert.

The newspaper reported that about 30 protesters packed a Student Government Association meeting May 3, some carrying signs that read, “This oppression is brought to you in part by your student activities fees.”

They had gathered about 700 signatures on a petition to stop the band’s appearance at the Art Attack event, which also features OutKast and Nerf Herder.

“We do support everyone’s right to be heard,” said Jennifer Greenhalgh, president of the organization that runs Art Attack. She added that there will be speaker forums during the daytime portion of the event, The Diamondback reported.

Considering the nature of The Bloodhound Gang’s material, the band is either highly amused by and/or immune to such criticism. After all, they did name their new album Hurray For Boobies, and their Web site encourages people to sign up for the Hate Club.