Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carrera – the Three Tenors – were to have performed July 22 at Albany’s Pepsi Arena, with tickets selling from $50 to $600 each.

The Rudas Theatrical Organization, promoter of both shows, reportedly canceled the Three Tenors show with 7,400 tickets sold of 13,000 available.

A Rudas spokesperson compared that with 23,000 tickets sold for a Three Tenors concert June 25 in Cleveland.

In April 1999, Pavarotti set a Pepsi Arena attendance record, drawing 15,000 fans with a $200 high-end ticket price.

Arena general manager Bob Belber expressed disappointment with the cancellation and said he thought the Three Tenors would eventually have sold out the arena.

“The gross that we had already in the bank was around $1.3 million, and while (production) expenses were high, I would have hoped the promoter would have given the market a better chance than to cancel two months out,” Belber told Pollstar.

Belber also cited high ticket prices as a possible factor in the rate of early sales.

“Based on a $600 top ticket price and the fact we also had [Andrea] Bocelli here last summer with a top price of $350 which sold out, I think that people may have elected to wait until closer to the show date to shell out $600 — or $385, or $250, which were the next price levels,” Belber said.

The Three Sopranos – Kathleen Cassello, Kallen Esperian and Cynthia Lawrence – were to have performed September16 at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady, N.Y. The show was canceled with 600 tickets sold at the 2,700-capacity venue.

“We were very surprised,” Proctor’s general manager Fred Daniels said of the cancellation.