Noel Gallagher has walked away from the band’s European tour, the second time the temperamental guitarist has abandoned his mates on the road.

In 1996, Gallagher returned early to Britain during a U.S. tour after a rift within the ranks.

This time, his decision is believed to have been prompted by – surprise – friction within the group. Oasis has a long history of sibling rivalry between brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The latest split occurred on the eve of the band’s scheduled Paris show May 23. A concert in Barcelona, Spain, on May 20 was already postponed, reportedly due to a tendinitis flare up in drummer Alan White’s wrists.

Oasis quickly hustled up a replacement guitarist, Matt Deighton, who has played with Paul Weller and Mother Earth.

However, the personnel change has meant the cancellation of the remainder of the band’s French gigs.

“Unfortunately, working in the guitarist will mean losing some of the French shows, but we’re confident we’ll hit the ground running with a great live show in Milan on Tuesday, May 30,” an Oasis spokesperson said in a press release.

The postponed Barcelona date has been rescheduled for July 4.

The statement indicated that the band expects Noel Gallagher to rejoin the tour once it returns to the United Kingdom later this summer.