“What’s wrong, Harold?”

“Well, I must have spent maybe, three, or four whole minutes looking for tour dates for Pearl Jam, Santana and Jimmy Buffett on Pollstar.com.”


“So I find the dates. And then I see links to additional information. Like the address of the venue and where to buy tickets.”

“That doesn’t sound too difficult.”

“It wasn’t. So I just clicked through the various screens. Click for dates. Click for the map to the venue. Click for the Website to buy tickets.”

“That does sound pretty easy.”

“Oh, it was. Piece of cake. Plus, I also stumbled across dates for some of my other favorites, including Buena Vista Social Club, Chris Hillman and Afro-Cuban All Stars.”

Looks like you found everything you needed.”

“I did. I remember thinking to myself that it was all so simple. Just move the mouse, type in a few characters, and click. Everything was right there on the screen, including date, venue and ticket information. So I clicked on the link to a venue’s Website, and pretty soon I was ordering tickets. That’s when the trouble began.”


“I just don’t get it. I saw the tour dates for Counting Crows on the Net. I picked my seats from a seating chart for The Smashing Pumpkins on the Net, and I bought my tickets for Sting on the Net. I did all of those things without ever leaving my dorm room.”

“So, just what are you complaining about?”

“According to the tickets, I actually have to go to the venue to see the show.”

“Well, most concerts are like that.”

“Can you believe that? Sheesh. You would think the concert industry would have their Net act together.”

“Well, they’re learning.”

“Maybe so, but they sure could learn a thing or two from Napster.”