The band said on May 22 that the concert will be available online for three weeks using Burst.Com’s new broadband delivery technology, called Burstware.

“U2 has always embraced new technology,” a spokesperson for Burst.Com told Pollstar.

“This is the first big push to showcase the technology, and U2 is a longtime supporter of Burstware. Consumers can see the show the way they might if they were using a VCR, since the player has similar functionality to a VCR,” the spokesperson said.

The San Francisco-based company says Burstware provides high-quality delivery of full motion video and CD-quality audio over almost any IP-based network, regardless of the end user’s connection speed. The Web site description of the software promises video free of the jerkiness common to most streaming systems.

The PopMart extravaganza, in support of U2’s POP, album, toured worldwide in 1997 and 1998, and was notable for U2’s use of new technology in its staging.