The festival, which promotes legalization of marijuana and was scheduled to take place on a farm near Fairfield Wisc., was shut down by sheriff’s deputies Friday afternoon. Authorities ordered people to leave and gave them up to three hours to disperse. By the time it was all over, twelve people were arrested, including the promoter, Ben Masel.

Sauk County Sheriff Randy Stammen got a court order to close the festival. The 12 people arrested at the festival site were charged with contempt of court for violating the order.

Organizers had refused to get a county permit, saying it was unnecessary because they had a state permit. The county issued an abatement order on Thursday, saying that holding the festival without a permit would violate a county ordinance. Masel had contended that his state permit, which allows for camping for up to 4,000 people, superceded any county permit.

For the most part, the crowd dispersed peacefully. “We might be dope smokers but we’re all peace-loving dope smokers,” said Joe Mayer, 23, of Eau Claire, Wisc. “We just want to party in this field.”

It was going to be the 13th Weedstock. During last year’s festival, Authorities received 96 complaints, issued 43 traffic citations and conducted 28 drug investigations.