Most of the arrests outside the stadium were for drug use, said state police Sgt. Ronald Sieberg. Those hospitalized ranged from minor mosh-pit injuries to alcohol-related ailments.

About 50,000 fans attended the sold-out show featuring the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Stone Temple Pilots, , Cypress Hill and Filter.

It was home-grown band Godsmack‘s set which saw most of the arrests and injuries, when several hundred fans forced their way through barriers and onto the stadium field.

But what set this particular show apart from many alternative-rock fests were the reportedly over-enthusiastic Jumbotron cameramen, aided and abetted by a graphics display operator and egged on by a radio station jock.

While crowd members taunted women to “show us your (breasts),” broadcast images of bare-breasted women were aired on two Jumbotron screens with captions such as “It’s your turn” and “I said (breasts) please.”

At one point, WBZ-TV sports broadcaster Bob Lobel took the stage with WBCN air personality Nik Carter, who then reportedly directed “all the fine ladies in the crowd” to flash him. A “compilation video” of flashing breasts was shown between some sets.

According to the Boston Herald, the WBCN Web site the next day declared “Current Count for Boobs Seen: 1,041.”

Foxboro police Chief Edward O’Leary told the Herald he was “disappointed” in the crowd’s behavior in general, and surprised by the apparent willingness of so many women to expose themselves.

“I guess I was surprised by it,” O’Leary said. “I hadn’t heard that something like that was going to be encouraged. The other thing that was so surprising was so many people voluntarily did it.”

Of the arrests, O’Leary said, “Early on, we weren’t having a problem. The arrests peaked during the initial performance of Godsmack. Numerous officers were assaulted and I had two injured.”

The seventh-annual River Rave was the first to be held at Foxboro Stadium. Metallica, Korn and Kid Rock are scheduled to head up another show at the stadium June 30.

Kevin Weinfeld, chairman of the Foxboro Board of Selectmen, expressed his concern about the lewd behavior to the Boston Globe. “I would not be pleased for people to be encouraging public sexual behavior by anyone,” Weinfeld said of the exhortations of nudity by cameramen and from the stage.

The selectman said if the problems become a real issue, the town and stadium officials would have to take “a very serious look at not licensing these events in the future.”

WBCN-FM and Foxboro Stadium officials were unavailable for comment to Pollstar.