That’s right, smell. If you’re one of the millions that think concerts are strictly an audio-visual event, then open up your nostrils and savor the fragrant, unique scents that will be on the concert trail this summer.

Go ahead and stick your nose smack dab in the middle of The Damage Manual. Doesn’t that smell good? Makes the old nose hairs stand straight on end, doesn’t it? But don’t stop there, take a sniff of Prince Paul, Martin Sexton and Michael Ray & The Cosmic Krewe. Suck in the scent that is Mary J. Blige and be sure to catch a whiff of Joe Walsh. Mmmm-mmmm good!

Now call up the dates for Clay Crosse or Dave Alvin & The Guilty Men. Press your nose right on the monitor and take a deep breath. Doesn’t that clear out your sinuses? And that’s only the routing. Once you’re at the show, you’ll be treated to various scents, a veritable cornucopia of smells. Breath deep The Moody Blues, and take in the magical scent of the restroom at a King Diamond show, those husky musky roadie aromas emanating from the stage of Chaotic Past or Reba McEntire and the heavenly fragrance that is the lighting crew for Strung Out.

But don’t stop there. The concert world is filled with scents, all ripe for the sniffing. Sting and Roger Waters are among the tours this summer that promise excellent smelling opportunities. Plus there’s ticket sellers to sniff, T-shirt concessionaires to smell and ushers to whiff. Heck, even the tickets themselves will tickle your mucous membranes into a climactic olfactory rush. Just throw your head back and inhale the summer concert season.

But be sure to bath before you go to the show. After all, no one wants to smell you.