We also want to state that losing the antitrust case will in no way affect the fine service that Pollstar.com has provided since 1908. We’ll still list tour schedules like Guy Davis, and J. Majesty. However, until we can find/buy, a sympathetic judge to hear the appeal, there will be some changes.

First of all, we are splitting our data processing unit into five distinct parts. These “baby” Pollstar.coms will handle artist, date, city, state and venue, respectively.

While Pollstar.artist.com will be responsible for the spelling, typeface, and font chores for upcoming tours like Showoff and , you will need to set your browser to Pollstar.date.com for the actual dates, Pollstar.city.com for cities, and so on. This may cause some confusion for our Webmaster, but he knew the job was tough when he signed on. Besides, he just got out of rehab so he’s taking this antitrust thing one day at a time.

Along with this realignment, we will be splitting up our customer service department to handle the newly defined divisions in listing tour schedules. For example, if you’re looking at the new dates for James Solberg Band or M-Pact!, and you see a city that’s misspelled, you will need to send your complaint to [email protected]_misspelled.com. If you’re looking at The Girls Room or that Addison Groove Project / Uncle Sammy co-headline and see an error in the state code, you will need to send your email to [email protected]_screwup.com. And if we’re still listing dates for a recently deceased artist, you will need to contact [email protected]_is_pushing_up_daisies.com.

We hope this restructuring of our business practices does not cause any undue stress or discomfort while you are looking up the dates for artists like OMD feat. Paul Humphreys or AC/DC.

We would also like to state that, during the lengthy appeal process, we will not in any way alter our marketing efforts. We will continue to threaten, bully, antagonize, terrorize, whip, bend, fold, spindle, mutilate and dismember our competitors until we smite them from the battlefield that is the free marketplace in these United States.

Thank you, and have a nice day.