Some reports claim Noel will be on hand for the open-air concert at Place de la Republique, but don’t count on it. The older Gallagher brother says he’s through with touring overseas. However, he is expected rejoin the tour July 8 in Dublin and will stay on for the remaining dates (all in the U.K.), which run through August 28.

The free show announcement came on June 12, the same day Noel publically commented on his absence. During a BBC Radio interview, he called his younger brother and bandmate, Liam, “monkey boy,” and blamed his departure from the band’s world tour on the singer’s behavior.

“It’s been virtually impossible for me to tour at the moment because he’s been a bit of an idiot.”

Gallagher also dispelled speculation that he left to spend more time with his wife and newborn daughter.

“I don’t like the way that people are blaming it on the fact that I want to spend more time at home,” he said. “If you tasted my wife’s tea, you wouldn’t.”

Oasis has continued touring with guitarist Matt Deighton in Noel Gallagher’s place, but did cancel several dates immediately after his sudden exit.