“I just want to continue on with my sobriety and get back home to my family,” the singer told reporters after receiving his sentence June 12. “It’s been really tough.”

A prosecutor agreed to drop the most serious charge against Brown, that he failed a drug test by testing positive for cocaine. Brown agreed to plead guilty to refusing to take a second drug test and failing to return from a trip to Beverly Hills, Calif., on time.

Brown has been in custody since May 10, after he was arrested at New Jersey’s Newark International Airport as he and wife Whitney Houston arrived from Nassau, Bahamas. He was then returned to Florida. He will remain in Broward County Jail until July 8.

Brown spent five days in jail in 1998 and was placed on probation for one year after he was convicted of drunken driving and causing an accident on Aug. 17, 1996.

A warrant was issued for Brown’s arrest last June, after his probation officer said he tested positive for cocaine in a urine test.

Bruce Lyons, Brown’s attorney, said Brown and Houston should be able to spend their July 18 wedding anniversary — their eighth — together.

The superstar singer has been absent from her husband’s court proceedings, but Lyons said she has visited him since his arrest.

“She wants to help him, not hurt him. If she showed up today it would have been a major zoo, Lyons said.