The band’s video for “Lacquer Head” has apparently incurred the ire of MTV Networks, which has refused to air the video because it “looked too pro-drug,” a Primus spokesperson told Pollstar.

The video combines live concert footage and stop-action animation to depict a gasoline-huffing character blowing himself up with a little help from the devil while watching a concert video on TV.

Los Angeles-based Internet radio station KNAC said in a release it has acquired exclusive rights to air the video and it is available on the station’s Web site. However, a spokesperson at Interscope Records was unable to verify that KNAC has exclusivity.

“You’ve got Satan feeding drugs to a kid watching TV and then riding him to hell. How pro-drug is that?” the Primus spokesperson asked rhetorically.

Claypool is a little more direct.

“Along comes a Primus video that addresses the dangers of chemical abuse (glue sniffing) and these (MTV) hypocrites run for cover,” said Claypool in a statement on the Web site.

“I assume our youth needs to see a video about ‘breaking stuff’ or the virtues of wearing a ‘thong’ rather than a couple of puppets going to hell for sniffing gasoline. But alas, public service announcements don’t help to sell Pepsi.”

MTV did not return calls from Pollstar for comment.