The winner doesn’t have to pick the 93rd song or perform the dumbest stunt to pick up the prize, though.

The twist is, he or she has to supply the Kansas City Police Department with a tip that results in the arrest of the person who broke into the station’s “prize closet” on June 5 and made off with $10,000 worth of tickets that Mix 93.3 received for promotional use.

The fleet-fingered filcher reportedly stole tickets to some of the most highly-anticipated shows of the summer at Sandstone Amphitheatre. Some of the bigger acts coming to the shed include Britney Spears, Ozzfest 2000, No Doubt and KISS.

The station’s Web site, in addition to explaining the burglary and the reward, posted several pictures of the thief taken by an inside surveillance video camera.

For those thinking the burglary might result in a few black-market tickets for sale cheap, buying tickets from a scalper this summer might not be a great idea. Tickets were re-issued according to seat number, so the station and promoter will be able to spot scalped tickets easily.

The station seems to be taking the theft in stride. In what could almost be taken as a slogan, the Web site boasts: “Who else could turn a common burglary into a radio contest? Only Mix 93.3!!”