But the bands on the bill – Limp Bizkit, Cypress Hill and Capitol Eye – have repeatedly blabbed the top secret details.

On April 24, Bizkit frontman Fred Durst announced that his band would do a free tour this summer, sponsored by Napster. The probable cities were made public but the dates and venues were undetermined at that time.

“It’s really free,” Durst, accompanied by the rest of the band, said during an appearance on MTV. “We’re doing multiple nights. We’re going back to the smaller venues to get closer to our fans and get more of that intimate feel.”

Since Limp Bizkit and its fans got a bad rap after the chaos that took place at Woodstock last summer, the thought of getting intimate with potentially tens of thousands of people hungry for free tickets was unsettling to some.

But, the band is known for promoting itself in unusual ways and its management company, The Firm (which also represents Korn and Backstreet Boys), has considerable experience handling insane scenarios like this one. Still, a free tour seemed like a ready-made nightmare for venue execs and promoters.

In late June, MTV and Cypress Hill published the full tour itinerary with dates and venues. That was not supposed to happen. Or was it? The news certainly revived the fans’ interest and the complete schedule was still being distributed last week by show-opener Capitol Eye, much to the dismay of the Limp Bizkit camp.

Promoters and building managers contacted by Pollstar in June said they didn’t know how tickets would be distributed or if the shows were going to be a “first-come, first-serve” free-for-all as Durst had said.

The bigger question was (and remains) how the responsible parties were going to get the necessary insurance.

Two weeks ago, the tour’s start date was pushed back and several stops were “tentative” and no longer confirmed. Concert industry insiders started foretelling the demise of the outing.

Despite all the doubters, the tour looks good to go for the July 11 opener at Detroit’s State Theatre. Of course, no one is supposed to know that, but everyone does, thanks to Limp Bizkit.

A source directly involved with the Detroit concert told Pollstar it’s common knowledge that the shows are taking place at the State Theatre July 11 and 12. “The band has already called radio and radio is all over it. Everyone is talking about it. In fact, that’s all anyone is talking about.”

The source said wristbands, not tickets, will be distributed to fans. An announcement will be made through local media outlets telling fans when and where to get the wristbands.

Not even the venue knows when the giveaway will take place but if it happens at the venue box office as expected, you can bet theatre security and Detroit police will be ready and waiting.

The Firm has a comprehensive game plan in place and “everything has been very planned and calculated,” according to Pollstar’s source. “It should run smoothly. Basically, the whole thing is about creating the hype.”