According to the British metal band’s spokesman, the accident happened just after Maiden returned to the stage for an encore. Gers lost his footing during a guitar solo and fell off the front of the stage, landing on concrete more than 10 feet below. He was immediately taken to a hospital.

Gers was knocked unconscious and received a gash across his forehead, which required stitches. He also sprained his back and had severe bruising. The guitarist has returned to London and was ordered by doctors to take a full week off to recover. The band had to cancel shows in Essen, Germany; Sophia, Bulgaria; and Athens, Greece.

“We are always very disappointed when we are forced to cancel shows in this way, but we are also very relieved that Janick is recovering, as it was a serious fall,” bandmate Steve Harris said. “We were all very concerned for him when he was taken away in the ambulance.”

The European tour will resume at the Vilar De Mouros Festival in Portugal July 16.

Iron Maiden is on track for its North American tour, which starts August 1 in Toronto.