I just wanted to let you know that my summer job with the national concert promoter has been great. Just today I tempted people with tickets for Iron Maiden, Deathray and Cephalic Carnage. And last weekend in Bakersfield, I tempted a guy into pawning his mother’s wedding ring so he could buy tickets for Ricky Martin. Yeah, sometimes you just gotta give the devil his due.

Summer’s halfway over and I still have a lot of sin and temptation yet to dish out. In the months ahead I plan on enticing people to beg, borrow or steal so they can buy tickets for Don Henley, Dave Matthews Band and Poison. In fact, I’ve been so busy, the boss is thinking of hiring me a publicity agent. Know anyone who would like to be the devil’s advocate?

However, not everything has been all horns and tails. Take that Diana Ross & The Supremes tour, for example. I guess I should have paid it a little more attention, but I had other souls in the fire, like tempting people into buying tickets for Johnny Tillotson and Juliana Theory. So you can imagine my shock when I got the corporate email saying that the tour was cancelled. “The devil, you say!”

Needless to say, the boss was a little ticked. He said that if I was really doing my job I would have tempted everyone into buying those $250 gold circle seats. Like he expected me to say a few magic words and those 20,000 seat venues would fill right up. I mean, I’m Satan, not David Copperfield.

In fact, the boss was so mad, that I didn’t have the heart to tell him I won the pool. I’m the only one at the office who picked July 10th for the cancellation.

I guess the devil really is in the details.