The band’s record label reports Coal Chamber has decided to hit the studio instead of the road and lay down tracks for its third album.

A statement from Roadrunner Records said, “The band feels it’s time to give the fans they saw along the way what they’ve repeatedly asked for – new music.”

Coal Chamber has earned the right to be road-weary. They’ve been out in support of their album Chamber Music for most of the last year, appearing on the Livin La Vida Loco tour with Slipknot and Machine Head, and the Road Rage tour with Type O Negative.

“We were writing on the back of the bus and during sound checks, and it was coming out so well that we felt, creatively, now was the time to move forward on recording,” singer Dez said.

Other bands gracing Tattoo The Earth stages include Stone Temple Pilots, Sevendust, Sepultura, Slipknot, Esham, Nashville Pussy and Mudvayne.