The British band stormed off the stage at a Swiss rock festival after playing for only 30 minutes, complaining that it had been pelted with bottles and cans, band and festival reps said July 27.

Oasis issued a statement, saying it was “forced to stop short the concert due to a handful of festival-goers. Approximately 30 minutes into the performance, several bottles, cans and coins were thrown on the stage, hitting several band members. Liam Gallagher and the other members of Oasis walked off the stage.”

Organizers of the annual Paleo Festival in Nyon, near Geneva, said they would conduct an inquiry into the July 26 incident but added Oasis’ decision was “totally irrational and motivated by a paranoid reflex.”

Oasis did return to the stage but left for good after two songs when Gallagher (brother Noel was not with the band for the festival) and drummer Alan White were hit with more debris, the band said.

The organizers, however, said that “these projectiles consisted of a few empty plastic bottles and a water-filled balloon. None of these objects hit any member of the band.”

“The arrogant and provocative attitude of singer Liam Gallagher is doubtless not unconnected to the reaction of the audience,” the organizers charged, adding that the objects were thrown after Gallagher insulted festival-goers “several times.”

The next morning, Oasis issued a statement apologizing to fans “who were unfortunately robbed of what started out as a fantastic show.”

The conciliatory mood was short-lived, however.

The British PA News later reported that Oasis’ management announced the band would be filing suit against festival organizers “as a result of their outrageous remarks leveled against the band following the curtailed performance at last night’s festival.”