Schneider, who co-wrote the song “Rock Lobster,”‘ which helped propel the band to fame, urges people to boycott next week’s Maine Lobster Festival in a radio commercial that airs this weekend in New England.

“I’ve always sung the praises of lobsters, and it really burns my butt when people drop ’em in a pot of boiling water. So take off those bibs and skip the Lobster Festival,” Schneider proclaims as “Rock Lobster” plays in the background during the 30-second spot.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has targeted the lobster festival for the last few years.

Schneider produced the PETA radio commercial while at the FleetBoston Pavilion for the only New England stop on the band’s summer tour.

“Just go to the beach. The sand is crawling with big red, slow-moving creatures to enjoy. They’re called sunburned tourists,” he said.