Resident FTT turntablists DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Barry Weaver, Graeme, Hector Cardenas, Auturo, Garces, Jeno, and DJ Mea will show off their spinning skills on the tour. Special guests, including DJ Rap, DJ Sneak, John Acquaviva, and Supa DJ Dimitry will mix their way onto certain stops.

The full-on dance party makes some notable stops on its 12-show outing. On September 23, FTT plays the electronic/hip-hop/alternative Tantra Festival in Charlotte, N.C. Then, the package hooks up with Cypress Hill’s Smoke Out in San Bernardino October 7. That event features System Of A Down, Pennywise, Redman, and others.

The tour concludes with the Halloween Tribal Massive in San Francisco October 14. The show is touted as the country’s premiere multimedia dance culture event. FTT will be joined by world class international and domestic DJs, and live acts to be announced later.

FTT is expected to release dates shortly for the international leg of the tour in November.