In the next few weeks I’ll be seeing Martin Sexton, King Crimson and Moby. Of course, I’ll take my little silk-spinning friends with me. We’ll be sitting up in the front row, tapping our feet in unison to the beat, and shooting the silk all the way to the rafters. Well, not me personally, you understand. But I wish.

There are other spider lovers out there. People who can’t resist picking up the little creatures and giving them big fat kisses. In fact, we’ve formed a little spider club, and we’re all getting together to take our diminutive buddies to see ‘N Sync and Christina Aguilera. We’re going to get our own seating section, and our spider pals are going to dance up and down our bodies until we’re covered from head to toe in silk. It’s been ages since I’ve felt that sticky. I can hardly wait.

Of course, if you want to go along, just round up all the spiders in your house and give us a call. We’re easy to find.

Just look us up on the Web.