“That’s right, Gina Schloppenstein, well, Gina Hapgood these days. That’s right, I married Bill Hapgood. Remember him? Concert appreciation class, sat in the back.

“How have you been, Roger? Me? Oh, a couple of kids. Ages one and two. Yes, it does keep me busy. Especially since I’m a single mom these days.

“I guess you haven’t heard about Bill and me. No, not a divorce. At least, not yet. What’s that? That’s right. We’ve separated.

“Anyway, the reason I called is I have this extra ticket for the Creed concert tonight, and I was wondering if you would like to go to the show with me.

“What’s that? You would? Great. This was a last minute cancellation. I had already arranged for the sitter and I didn’t want to waste the ticket.

“Yeah, I really like them. What’s that? Pat McGee Band and Moby? They’re my favorites. You don’t say! Next month? I’d love to!

“So, about tonight. Do you want to pick me up, or should we meet at the box office? Yes, I still live in the trailer at the end of Cross Creek Road, next to the old elm tree that looks like Lou Reed. Uh, uh. I’ll leave a light on for you.

“And Roger, I hope you don’t think I sound too forward or anything. You know, asking a guy out. But since I split up with Bill, I’ve been stuck out here in this trailer with the two rugrats and if I don’t see a concert like Fourplay or Iron Maiden, I’m going to go out of my head. Uh, uh… What was that? When? You mean, how long has it been?

“Let’s see… four or five… He moved out this morning. At about 9, maybe 9:30. Actually, I think it was closer to 10:00. I guess that makes it six hours.

“Roger?…. Roger?