Take today for example. We no sooner arrive at the office, when the boss tells us that there’s not enough links on this page. We told him that we had plenty of links, like Carman and No Use For A Name, but he said he wanted more links. Then he reminded us that more links meant more eyeballs which meant more revenue. So here’s Jurassic 5, Ian McLagan and Moby.

Then he started griping about artists schedules. Said he wanted the latest schedules for Van Morrison and The Tragically Hip on the Net as soon as possible. Heck, he wouldn’t even let us finish our donuts and Irish coffee break. Talk about your slave drivers.

Then he started leaning on us about all the time we took entering the dates for Samiam and The Guess Who. Said that if we didn’t hurry up, he was going to eliminate the afternoon sauna sessions and fire the in-house masseuse.

Now he’s griping about the amount of time we spend in the company pool. Says four hours per day is way too much time to spend floating on air mattresses and playing water polo. Says we should be at our desks, slamming the dates for Pat McGee Band and Beck into our database.

And we can’t even tell you what he said about the company riding stables. Not on a family-type, child-friendly Web site like this. But it went something like, “#@#!%#!”

The bottom line is we had to nix the Irish coffee, cut down on the water polo and reduce our afternoon horseback rides to fifteen minutes per day. All because we had to put the schedules for John Berry, Montgomery Gentry and Motley Crue on the Web. And after a backbreaking day like today, we can’t help but wonder…

Do you have to put up with this horse pucky where you work?