Elastica last toured North America in 1995, replacing Sinead O’Connor on that year’s Lollapalooza caravan. They followed the festival outing with an extensive club tour and eventually ran themselves into the ground.

During the Lollapalooza outing, founding member and bassist Annie Holland reportedly left the band citing “tour fatigue.”

Later, singer Justine Frischmann went through a highly publicized split with Damon Albarn of Blur, providing more drama. Frischmann founded Elastica in the wake of her departure from Suede – and its frontman, Brett Anderson – in 1991.

Infighting and other turmoil reportedly sent singer-guitarist Donna Matthews packing early in 1999.

Frischmann managed to hold herself and the remaining band members together, and brought Holland back into the fold. The feisty frontwoman added to the lineup ex-Linoleum guitarist Paul Jones and former Fall member Dave Bush on keyboards.

The result is a 13-song CD that will reach the States September 6.

Elastica has already made several appearances in the U.K., and was a highlight of the Reading Festival in England on August 26, despite throat troubles for Frischmann.

The 10-city North American tour will make stops in Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Philadelphia, New York City and Boston. A two-night stand is scheduled for the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles September 21 and 22.