BT (full name: Brian Transeau) is a composer as well as a performer; he helped create the soundtrack for London’s Millennium Dome and is working on the score for the film “Redline,” as well as writing the music for the game sequences in the remake of “Rollerball.”

His latest album, Movement In Still Life, has spawned a modern rock hit, “Never Gonna Come Back Down.” He also has a career as a producer and has mixed tracks for Madonna, Seal and Sarah McLachlan.

Hooverphonic made its mark in Europe with two albums, including its breakthrough 1997 release, New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular.

The tour is booked through November 6 in Vancouver, B.C. and is sponsored by Jensen, the car and home audio manufacturer. In addition to technology-driven music, Jensenergy 2000 will feature an interactive pavilion showcasing Jensen products, video games and other electronic sound equipment.