The band that can’t seem to stay out of the news got some coverage at the MTV Video Awards September 7, even though the group didn’t take home a trophy. Rage bass player Timothy Commerford was ejected from the ceremony at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall and arrested for disorderly conduct.

While Limp Bizkit was accepting the award for best rock video, Tim C scrambled up a 15-foot-high section of the stage set and refused to come down.

He spent the night in jail and was released the following day after entering a guilty plea in a midtown Manhattan court.

Add that stunt to the on-again, off-again live recording shows, the street gig at the Democratic National Convention, the postponement of the Rhyme & Reason tour with the Beastie Boys, and the “Battle of Reading” set at the huge U.K. festival, and it was a busy summer for the group, even though they couldn’t pull off a full-blown tour.

The two surprise concerts in L.A. will have to do until Rhyme & Reason is rescheduled, hopefully later this fall.