The brothers from Atlanta are rolling out their new Columbia Records release with the We’ll Play Where You Say tour – where contest-winning fans will determine the places and times for the duo’s concerts.

Having a barbecue? Have enough food on hand for everybody. What about a pajama party? You supply the chaperones. Frat kegger? No problem. As long as there’s a place to park the van, Evan and Jaron promise to deliver the goods.

If that’s not novel enough, the brothers are identical twins – though they don’t seem to be milking that angle for publicity.

Never heard of Evan and Jaron? Their last album, We’ve Never Heard of You Either, was released by Island Records in 1998, and their music has been showcased on television’s “Dawson Creek”. Their current single, “Crazy For This Girl” is getting a good deal of radio airplay, the album, evan and jaron, is due to hit stores September 12.

The following day, the duo gets in the van and heads for the concerts determined by fan requests on the band’s Web site and through select radio stations.

One winner from each selected city will determine where Evan and Jaron play, whether it’s a block party, a regular concert, or a private living room performance.

After knocking around the Atlanta coffeehouse scene for several years, the brothers have steadily grown a healthy fan base, rising on the music industry food chain accordingly.

For Evan and Jaron, they enlisted the help of some heavy hitters, including executive producer T-Bone Burnett, Mick Fleetwood, keyboardist John Medeski (Medeski, Martin and Wood), writer/producer Glen Ballard and Semisonic frontman Dan Wilson.

Even with the star power behind the new album, the twins are intent on retaining some of their DIY ethic. Just make sure they don’t park that van in a tow-away zone, OK?