The officer’s name has not been released, but Sandwich Police Chief Michael Miller told the Cape Cod Times the three-year veteran of the force has been put on paid administrative leave pending completion of an internal investigation.

Police said the officer was off duty when he attended the August 29 Pearl Jam concert at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield.

When he was spotted allegedly relieving himself, the officer was taken to a security area and later ejected. Mansfield Police Lt. George Figueredo said the officer was not arrested because police did not have probable cause at the time.

The officer could now face a felony charge for destruction of property over $250, and two misdemeanor charges for disorderly conduct and indecent exposure.

A supervisor at the criminal court clerk’s office in Attleboro Superior Court told the newspaper that a summons had been issued for a show-cause hearing likely to be held late this month or in early October.

At that hearing, a magistrate would determine whether sufficient evidence exists to arraign the officer on any of the charges.

Figueredo said the officer’s alleged action could have led to a dangerous situation at the crowded rock concert.

“If this particular piece of equipment shorted out, they would have lost the whole sound,” he said. “It would not have been a good thing.”