Bet you couldn’t resist that little voice inside your head, could you? The one that says, “Route me! Route me!” That’s right. It’s the X-Ecutioners / Souls Of Mischief schedule, and it’s calling out for you to take a peek.

We’ve been in the professional tour data gathering business for over 97 years, ever since we were a special supplement in the Sears & Roebuck mail order catalog, and we can understand how these schedules can get under your skin like a thirsty mosquito looking for a refill.

Every morning starts by pulling on the old rubber suits and heading down to the docks. As the sun rises we’ll sail with the morning fleet out into the perfect storm that is the concert industry, and cast our nets onto the raging seas of New York, LA and Nashville in hopes of snagging Israel Vibration, Deftones, or on a really good day, k.d. lang.

Of course, there were battles along the way. The Melt-Banana routing gave us a good fight. But our hands are callused and our backs are strong. We hauled in Jazz Mandolin Project / Charlie Hunter co-headline before lunch and we played the wild B.B. King dates for most of the afternoon before bringing it to surface, its dates flapping like so many promoters’ mouths during an open bar at a record company showcase. Yes, concert catching is a tough job, but we are strong and we have the experience. We will prevail.

So, go ahead. Whether it’s 38 Special or Kansas, click on all you want, but take all you click. We’ll be back tomorrow with another fresh catch. For it’s a tour-hungry world out there and we’re proud, yet humble, to be just a small link in the concert chain. And if you’re wondering why we go through such extremes to put Kenny Chesney, Alan Jackson and BR5-49 on the Net, the answer is rather simple once you think about it.

It fulfills our court-ordered community service.