They say it’s never easier to learn another language than when you’re young. This year, give your children a head start in the concert business with Bookin’ Blocks. These polyurethane building blocks not only list the tour schedules for acts like Barenaked Ladies and the Styx / REO Speedwagon co-headline, but are also imprinted with the latest industry lingo. Your kids will learn exciting lines like: “I don’t care if he can’t stand on his own feet, the question is, can he play?” “Don’t worry, he’ll show up.” And the always popular, “Don’t let that police dog sniff around the guitar cases.” Recommended ages 2 through 9 and 27 through 45.

He’s huggable, he’s lovable, and parents, he’s washable. Presenting Lars, the pit bull MP3 music player. Standing over two feet tall and three feet long from his scruffy little head to his scarred little rump, Lars is the only MP3 player endorsed by the RIAA and the SPCA. Just attach Lars’ tail to any parallel port on your computer and soon you’ll be transferring your favorite MP3s by Morcheeba and Midge Ure. Your children will ooh in wonder as his body becomes rigid, his fur stands on end, and his lips pull back in a threatening snarl with every song download. And best of all, Lars has all the latest anti-piracy technology including a mouth that will bite the hand of the music fan who feeds him unauthorized MP3s by acts like The Sea & Cake, Fastball and Keb’ Mo’.

Once you see the new e-merch store with its exclusive roadie action figures, the lawsuit simulator and promoter trading cards, you won’t want to shop anywhere else on the Web. This year, do what millions of shoppers worldwide will be doing, and make the upcoming holiday season a Christmas!