The edgy performer – who burst onto the music scene in 1995 – is back with her second album, Haunted, due in stores October 31.

The multitalented songstress is about to embark on a tour of Borders bookstores with her novelist brother, Mark Danielewski, promoting his literary debut, “House of Leaves,” as well as her album. Poe launches a solo tour in January.

It’s an interesting concept. Though they didn’t realize the connection as they worked on their separate projects, the siblings were deeply influenced by the spectre of their father – documentary film maker Tad Danielewski (1962’s “No Exit,” 1965’s “The Guide”) – who died in 1993.

Parallel themes run through both works, so they decided to bring both projects together for the bookstore outing. The tour will be a combination reading and concert.

“It’s not a soundtrack for the book. It’s a parallax view of the same history,” said Danielewski of Poe’s record.

“The story that Mark has written is a reflection on experiences we shared growing up; but I must add that these experiences have been woven with his extraordinary craftsmanship into a version of fiction that, in my opinion, defies definition,” Poe said.

The convergence of Danielewski’s book and her album began long ago, Poe explained.

“We’ve always riffed off – or shall I say ripped off – each other’s ideas as writers. We were always very close. Connections exist between things we wrote even as children.”

The family artistic streak is clearly evident in Poe’s work. She started writing songs at the age of eight and learned rudimentary production skills with the aid of a four-track recorder while growing up.

While in school at Princeton, she honed those skills and put together a group that was part rock band, part spoken word performance art. After college, she signed with Atlantic Records and released her debut, Hello, in 1995.

The next year, Poe and her band hit the road, opening for Lenny Kravitz and Seven Mary Three before headlining a tour of her own. Her last full North American tour was in 1997.

The Borders tour begins October 16 in Seattle and works its way cross-country through November.