Not only is counterfeiting concert tickets on the rise, but experts report that it’s almost impossible to spot the difference between fake tickets for AC/DC or Radiohead and the real McCoy.

That’s why we at have established the Counterfeit Ticket Testing Laboratory. All you need to do is send us your concert tickets for shows like Reba McEntire and The Pat McGee Band, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Once we receive your tickets, we’ll run the usual battery of tests, including spectrum analysis and service charge authentication, to assure that your ducats for shows like PJ Olsson and Soulfly are the real deal.

But that’s not all. While the above testing claims a 99 percent accuracy rate, we’re the only ticket testing laboratory that takes that extra step and personally test your tickets, whether they be for UFO, Wynonna or The Waterboys.

You heard right. We’ll take those tickets to the venue, we’ll hand them to the ticket taker and see if he gives us entry. Then we’ll make sure the seats actually exist. To accomplish this, we’ll sit in them for at least two hours. Then and only then, will we certify the tickets to be 100 percent authentic.

There’s no charge for this service, nor is there any need to thank us. We’re just doing our civic duty. However, for an additional fee, say about $25, we’ll also test the food at the concession stands. For $50 we’ll even test the T-shirts.

However, free testing of tickets for shows like Tanya Tucker, A.J. Croce and Alice Cooper, along with food and T-shirt testing, is offered for a limited time only. Send us your tickets today and you’ll never have to worry about counterfeit tickets again. We guarantee it!

(Free ticket testing for California residents only. All others must provide plane fare, hotel accomodations and ground transportation. Ship tickets overnight for best results.)