What do you get when you mix mysterious questions about specific days, a cryptic language, and an artist reinventing himself back into royalty – backed by a funky beat?

Why, a Prince tour announcement, of course.

His Purple Highness has scheduled at least three concert dates in November, announcing his plans to fans with a series of puzzling questions on his New Power Generation Web site.

“Y is Cleveland Ste University buggin’ ‘bout NOVEMBER 12th?”

“HOW GRAND will the Rapids b on NOVEMBER the 19th?”

“When Charlotte spun her web, did she really gain her INDEPENDENCE from the NORTH ARENA?”

Assuming he eventually announces a full tour, it will be his first since a European outing in December 1998.

The artist formerly known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince reclaimed his original moniker and declared his record company independence with a weeklong bash at Paisley Park Studios June 7-13, culminating in a concert at Northrup Auditorium in Minneapolis.

The November dates mark Prince’s first performances outside the confines of his home state of Minnesota since a one-off at the MGM Grand Garden May 29, 1999.

So, what’s up with the shows? We’re not going to spoil Prince’s fun. Figure it out yourself.

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