Take the Eve 6 tour for example. We booked that Louisville date. No need to thank us, just part of the job.

Like that Faith Hill / Tim McGraw stop in Cincinnati at the Firstar Center. We built that venue. Designed it from the ground up. Took five, maybe 10 minutes. Did it on our morning break.

We do a lot of things that we don’t take credit for. We wrote most of the songs on the first album for Boyz II Men. Which ones? The hits, of course.

This isn’t anything new. For years we’ve been working hard to iron out the finer details in the concert industry. We were the ones that told KISS to wear makeup, belch fire and stick out their tongues. We taught Aaron Carter how to sing, gave Merle Haggard his first guitar lesson and created the gel that makes Justin Timberlake’s hair curl just so. Busy, busy, busy.

And our talents are not just confined to the concert industry. Heavens no. Velcro, Post-It notes, salad-in-a-bag … sure, other companies own the trademarks, but those ideas were born right here.

It’s not always easy, though. We had quite a falling out had with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak over the name of their company. They preferred “kumquat.” Of course, they finally saw things our way, but did they thank us? Heck no.

We’re not in it for the glory, the fame or the big bucks. We’re just doing our part. So while we list the new tour info for Ash, Gene Watson and Clutch, we won’t even mention that we were the ones who introduced the band members to each other. No need to go into that. Or how we delivered the babies that would grow up to become The Clarks or Elf Power. No, that’s all in the past.

We wouldn’t want to brag.