“We have lost part of our family,” Kid Rock said on behalf of his Twisted Brown Trucker band. “Joey gave us and the world his love. He brought a smile to everyone who has ever known or seen him. In a world full of confusion, Joey made all of us laugh. No matter what color, religion, race, or beliefs we have, he made us all smile. He gave us the gift of joy. Joey, thank you. We will never forget you. We love you.”

Lava Records President Jason Flom said, “Joe C. was an extraordinary inspiration. He overcame tremendous adversity to become a great performer and a truly wonderful human being. Despite living with chronic pain, Joe C. never let his condition prevent him from living life to the fullest and brightening the lives of everyone who knew him, on or off the stage. He was a deeply loved member of our extended family and we will all miss him greatly.”

Joe C. stood three-foot-nine but there was nothing small about his personality. He was often mistaken for a child, but his sharp wit, tough guy persona, and confident onstage delivery was anything but childlike. Funeral and memorial plans for Joe C. were not immediately available.