The same night, Limp Bizkit canceled an Anger Management Tour stop in Vancouver thanks to a similar malady plaguing Fred Durst. The tour had hit a rough spot in the Great White North already with a controversy over Eminem ‘s graphic lyrics.

More than 2,000 Deftones fans discovered the show was off about 90 minutes before the band was to take the stage at the Aberdeen Pavilion, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

Moreno was diagnosed earlier in the afternoon with a throat ailment, likely the result of a brutal tour schedule and added promotional appearances.

In the two days prior to the Ottawa appearance, Deftones had performed in Toronto and Montreal, and in the studios of MuchMusic (Canada’s version of MTV) and Musiqueplus.

By the time Moreno and the band reached Ottawa, his voice had given out.

“When Chino woke up on the bus he could hardly talk, he could barely even whisper,” promoter Ken Craig told the Ottawa Citizen.

“Everyone was still there in the cold when they finally got out of the doctor’s office and called us to say it’s [the concert] not going to happen.”

Moreno was ordered to completely rest his voice for at least 72 hours or risk further damage. The Deftones’ November 16 appearance in Scranton, Pa., was also canceled, but Moreno was expected to be sufficiently recuperated in time for the group’s November 18 gig in Asbury Park, N.J.

In the meantime, the remaining Deftones and opening act Taproot showed a little solidarity with the disappointed Ottawa fans – some of whom had been lined up in frigid weather since 2 p.m. – by coming outside the 2,500-seat venue to chat and sign autographs. Some band members were still outside with fans as late as 10:30 p.m., according to the newspaper.

Deftones have been on the road since the release of their third album, White Pony.

In non-tour-related news, the band has ponied up $5,000 to help fired Texas newspaper features editor Nora Garza pay her bills until she can find another job. Garza was canned for printing a Maverick Records publicity photo of the band which included Moreno posed wearing a sweatshirt with the FUCT company logo emblazoned on the front.

“All of us in the band feel terrible about Mrs. Garza being fired,” said Moreno, “and we wanted to do something to help her out, especially when we were told that the paper didn’t give her much of a severance.

“To be honest, I’m offended that a newspaper has no problem running gruesome photos of dead bodies or horrifically malnourished people, but fires a woman for running a photo that contains a word that resembles an obscenity.”