Known for their outrageous stage shows, the group was en route from a show in Las Vegas to San Francisco for a gig at the Maritime Hall when the bus’s transmission overheated and sparked a fast-moving fire.

Of the 15 band and crew members on the bus, one was hospitalized in San Bernardino County for smoke inhalation but is expect to recover fully. The band’s trademark reptilian mascot, a 10-foot boa constrictor named Junior, wasn’t as lucky and perished in the blaze.

“I was there with them. It was horrifying, let me tell you,” a Radioactive Records rep told Pollstar. “Everybody had been off the bus for about three minutes, and it’s completely engulfed in flames and we hear somebody yelling, ‘Help me! Help me!’

“There was somebody that had been left on the bus. He’d fallen asleep with a Walkman on. One of our roadies ran into the billowing smoke on that bus and pulled him off.”

The crew member is expected to be released from the hospital soon, but the fire marked the premature end of the band’s tour with The Misfits, Murphy’s Law, and Primitive Reason.

Damage to the tour bus – which was completely destroyed – and equipment is estimated to be around $250,000, the band’s rep told Pollstar.

“We couldn’t get an affordable bus in that short of a time to go on. There were only about eight more dates, and they’re off,” the rep said.

The band will soldier on, though. They plan to release an album, Everything In Excess, in early March and launch another tour to coincide with the release date.

A single, “Pink Lipstick,” has already been chosen and a video has been filmed featuring pro wrestler Goldberg as the father of delinquent, cross-dressing teens. Motorhead frontman Lemmy provides a cameo appearance.

For now, the band has left its feather boas, high heels and fishnet stockings on a charred speck of moonscape in the Mojave Desert and has gone home.

“They’re back in Atlanta,” their rep explained. “We were only in Barstow for about a day and a half. We have a new name for it.

“It’s Barstuck from now on.”