“I can’t stay on the stage too long tonight – the cops is after me,” ODB reportedly told a stunned audience after joining his erstwhile bandmates to perform “Shame on a Nigga.”

The erratic rapper is wanted by Los Angeles police on a no-bail warrant issued October 17 for taking leg bail while being transferred from a locked-down rehab center to an L.A. County courthouse.

Appearing on a New York City stage was an act of incredible daring – or stupidity – to be sure, considering ODB has two additional outstanding arrest warrants in the Big Apple boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn, and numerous police officers were reportedly stationed both in and outside the venue. But, as of early the following morning, there was no record of his arrest by New York police.

Clearly, his pals in Wu-Tang Clan – who have dedicated their newest album to him – were glad to see him.

“For the first time in three years, you see the whole Wu-Tang Clan onstage tonight,” RZA said by way of introducing ODB as a surprise guest.

Surprise was right. Very few people connected with the release party for WTC’s album The W were willing to comment on the spectacle other than to confirm it happened.

“I was just shocked when I walked in and saw him up there on that stage,” said one Wu-Tang rep who was willing to speak to Pollstar. “Hey, man, this is rock ‘n’ roll! What can I say?”

A spokesperson for the Hammerstein Ballroom was equally surprised, but took a dim view of the proceedings.

“Frankly, I didn’t stay in the room for the gala celebrations because it’s a bit much for me. I didn’t find it fun. No one at the venue knew he was going to be there. We’re only the landlords. [The promoters] come in here and put on their shows and we don’t have a lot to say,” the rep told Pollstar.

“In this particular case, I was not in favor of this show but they swore – they swore – to us this is a reformed Wu-Tang Clan. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.”

Venue personnel report that ODB came in through a backstage door but doubted that security guards could have recognized him. Neither, apparently, did city police who were on duty for the show – even after ODB all but announced he was on the lam.

“You know, the whole f***in’ world is after me,” he announced from the stage. “Y’all know, I’m still surrounded,” he said before ranting about his plan to become “like a bird” and survive on “birdseeds or whatever,” according to published reports.

“You’ll see, motherf***ers, you’ll see,” he predicted.