The elves in the gift shop have been working overtime to ensure that this holiday season will be the best Christmas ever!

How many times have you wanted to enter, track and store the dates for the big concert tours like Tina Turner, Sting and ‘N Sync, but you didn’t have the proper tools? Now you can with authentic tour date computer peripherals.

It takes a special keyboard to enter the dates for the upcoming Elton John / Billy Joel tour. You’ll need all 26 letters and numbers 0 through 9 to professionally catalog this tour. Not only does our custom keyboard complete with 365 calendar dates, but it also comes with a special leap year key for February 29, just in case Billy changes his mind again in 2004.

Is there a concert historian on your Christmas list? The Mint proudly announces its line of commemorative independent promoter plates, each one finely engraved with a depiction of an indie promoter presenting shows like B.B. King, Bon Jovi and Joan Osborne. Be sure to order these limited edition, independent promoter plates while supplies last, because when they’re gone, they ain’t making anymore.

Yes, you’ll find presents for everyone at the gift shop. And for every order placed before Christmas, you’ll receive, free of charge,’s Concert Companion. You’ll never miss another song by Social Distortion or Creed when you go to the show with this two-gallon polyurethane plastic bladder strapped firmly to your leg. Order additional hoses and the entire family can enjoy spending their time at shows by Dave Matthews Band, Barenaked Ladies and Ricky Martin without ever leaving their seats.

This year, do what tens of people the world over will be doing this holiday season and make December 25th a Christmas!

(Concert Companion available in 2, 4, and 6 gallon sizes. Be sure to ask about our special 20 gallon “tote” model, complete with sled runners, for our Canadian customers)