Has the life of a roadie changed since your day?

Has it changed? It’s a completely different world! Everything’s so high-tech. I was visiting some friends working the UFO show, and the things they’re doing with hydraulics, latex, plastic tubing and microchips is absolutely amazing. They have an electric crane that can hoist and place your equipment in any position desired. For as long as you want.

You had nothing like that in the old days?

Oh, I wish. I have a friend on the AC/DC tour. Four Finger… no, make that Three Finger Rogers. He says they have a pumping device that will inflate the largest special effect in two seconds flat. Now that’s something I could have used during the 70s when I worked with Pink Floyd.

So it’s the technology.

You bet. No matter if it’s Deftones, 3 Doors Down or Bloodhound Gang, pick any show and you’ll find that the roadies are experts in the latest touring equipment.

If I may change the subject for a moment. If there’s one thing about a roadie’s life our readers want to know, it’s… it’s… Oh, there’s no polite way to put this, so I’ll just come out and ask. Is there a lot of… “fooling around” on the road?

You want to talk about sex?

Well, if it’s not to personal.

No, I don’t mind, but…

But what, Ian?

I thought we were talking about sex.