A couple of California stops at the end of the tour were juggled a bit, but the itinerary changes did not affect any of the shows now on sale. The California shows go on sale December 9 and 10.

Routing an arena tour in winter is especially tricky because virtually every major venue houses sports teams. Concerts have to be booked around home games, making a major production out of seemingly simple tasks, like adding a second show.

Major tours like the Backstreet Boys require a convoy of semi trucks and a small army of roadies and technical personnel. The trucks need time to drive to each concert stop and the road crew needs several hours to set up the production.

Fans of the Boys may get antsy waiting for some of the final Black & Blue tour dates to solidify, but considering the logistics involved, the outing has come together quite smoothly.

Right now, the group is set to perform 29 shows in 23 cities, starting January 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. At least one more concert – the second night in Los Angeles – should be confirmed very shortly.

Meanwhile, the shows are selling out quickly, though not quite as fast as for last year’s Millennium Tour when fans snapped up 765,000 tickets – the entire tour – in one day.