The band has been on its Farewell Tour since March and steadily adding shows since then. But with just five dates downunder left on the legendary glam rockers’ itinerary, some fans are left wondering if the end is near. The Carrara Stadium show is the final show listed.

And that’s the rub. Local promoters reportedly are saying that the show will be the worldwide swan song for KISS, which isn’t going over well with the band’s fans in the U.S. – who expect the final shows to take place on home turf – and especially not with fans in Europe, where the band didn’t set foot at all.

A fan named Tristan expressed his frustration over the lack of European dates on the band’s Web site message board: “At the beginning of the Farewell tour, they (Gene and Paul) said ‘We’re doing it for the fans, because they deserve respect for their loyalty’ and blablabla … What a joke and unfair end of a love story, the story between KISS and their fans. Sh*t!”

Take a chill pill, dude. The band isn’t confirming the Carrara Stadium gig as the final date, and is holding out hope for a tour of Japan and, yes, a smattering of U.S. shows before taking their final bow.

A KISS management rep all but confirmed there would be a final show in the U.S. but could not divulge the details.

“You could say it wouldn’t make sense to not end the final tour in the States, but I don’t think it’s the band’s feeling to do a full coast-to-coast thing,” the rep told Pollstar.

The rep did hint that the band might let the fans play a role in deciding where a final U.S. date might be.

“The fans can always post e-mails or requests for what venues they’d like the last show to be at on the band’s Web site. It’s monitored all the time, and I think that would be taken into consideration,” the rep told Pollstar.

Whatever transpires, don’t bet on Gene, Ace, Stanley and Peter to hang up those platform boots just yet.