The freebies apparently represent a digital olive branch to Rage fans who recently found themselves banned from using Napster after downloading tracks from the band’s latest release, Renegades.

“We make music first and foremost for our fans and we want them to have access to it,” said RATM guitarist Tom Morello. “Our goal is to share our music and politics with our audience and to treat them with the respect they deserve.”

Morello has emphatically denied the band had any knowledge of the Napster ban on downloading their music, and placed the blame squarely on Q Prime Management and Sony Records.

He has asked that the ban be lifted and posted Web addresses where fans could find programs to “un-ban” themselves and re-register with the file-swapping service.

Instrumental versions of songs from Renegades, plus live video and audio performances of “Guerilla Radio” and “Killing In The Name” are available on the RATM Web site.

Video clips of “Kick Out The Jams” and “Sleep Now In The Fire” from last summer’s Reading Festival in England – and clips from concerts in Greece, Finland, Korea and Japan – are also available.

Apparently Morello is still feeling the heat from the December 6 purge of Rage fans from Napster. He repeated his earlier apology, adding, “It is important to us to make it right. We hope you enjoy all this free music and these videos by Rage Against The Machine.”