In addition, tickets to the show – taking place at the Norfolk Scope Arena, with opening sets from Fuel and Buckcherry – will be made available to all military personnel and their families at half-price.

The benefit was set in motion by Kid Rock when he heard reports that the USS Cole’s PA system played his song “American Bad Ass” as the damaged ship pulled out of port in Yemen.

“Here at home, it can be easy to forget that there are Americans in uniform all over the world putting themselves in harm’s way every day. It’s something I often find myself thinking about when I look at my son – imagining the folks in the service who are working hard and making sacrifices to protect our country,” Kid Rock said.

“That’s a great feeling. However, there’s no doubt that these people and their efforts are often underappreciated. Following the incident with the USS Cole, that’s a reality I wanted to do something in my own small way to change.”

By way of thanking the ship’s crew for its dedicated service, Kid Rock is also arranging to meet with the Cole’s officers and sailors stationed in Norfolk.