“Oh, hi, Jerry. I’m playing a new computer game. Sim Concert Venue Manager.”

“Neat. How does it work?”

“You start off as the newly hired manager of a major venue. The first challenge is dealing with the zoning commission over possible noise problems.”

“Looks tough.”

“It is. It took me nine tries before I learned this trick. Watch, I’ll just promise them free tickets for Alan Jackson and Kid Rock, and… voila!”

“Pretty slick. What’s that over on the left of the screen?”

“Those are booking agents representing Sammy Hagar, Foo Fighters and Bon Jovi.”

“Wow! Those graphics are pretty cool.”

“Aren’t they? I like how they rendered the horns. Not only did it take me four tries before I could make a deal with them, it took five tries before I realized I could make up the difference in parking revenue and luxury box seat sales.”

“Sounds as if you really have to know the business to win at this game.”

“It doesn’t hurt. I’ve been banging away on this sim for a week. It took me seven tries before I could complete the level on crowd control, five tries to do a SnoCore Rock show and six tries before I could successfully negotiate corporate naming rights.”

“It really makes you work, eh?”

“You said it. Plus, every once in a while a judge moves in next door, complains about the noise and tries to issue injunctions to prevent concerts by Bare Jr. and The Jingle Ballers Jam. I tell you, this game has everything.”

“Boy, I’ll say. This has got to be the most realistic computer game I’ve ever seen. How much did it… Wait a sec. What just happened? Your whole screen just turned blue.”

“Oh, that. It looks as if a national promoter has moved in and bought the company I work for. That happens a lot.”

“Really? What happens next?”

“Dunno. I’ve never made it past this point.”