The randier half of K-Ci & JoJo offered the largely adolescent audience a dose of adult education when he spontaneously faced the crowd and dropped his drawers two songs into the duo’s set to kick off the annual KIIS-FM holiday concert.

Charges weren’t immediately filed against him, but the LAPD confirmed December 19 that K-Ci was being sought on an indecent exposure charge, a misdemeanor offense.

KIIS jock Valentine apologized to the concert audience immediately after the duo’s performance.

“It wasn’t called for, and the appropriate action was taken – that’s all I’m going to say,” the on-air personality told the crowd.

The station later issued a formal statement noting the L.A. Police Department “is taking appropriate actions on the complaints received,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

Police said that K-Ci had left the building by the time they arrived after receiving complaints from irate parents.

Teen and pre-teen girls – many adorned with princess tiaras – were in abundance in the crowd, thanks to the presence of Aguilera and 98 Degrees.

The show wasn’t all boy bands and teen dreams, however. Stevie Wonder made a guest appearance with Third Eye Blind – who don’t exactly conjure visions of bubblegum – and Richie Sambora joined Bon Jovi onstage for a set.

Soul chanteuse Macy Grayrounded out a night for finding out who was naughty and who was nice.